“Identify a current biological, environmental, or medical issue and discuss a genetically modified organism that might provide solutions"  

Are you an Australian school student interested in synthetic biology?

Written - Write 1000 words INDIVIDUALLY inspired by the above question for your chance to win $500.

Multimedia - Create a 5 minute video or podcast as a TEAM (2-5 members) inspired by the above question for your chance to win $500.

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Identify a current biological, environmental, or medical issue and discuss a genetically modified organism that might provide solutions

Synthetic biology is about designing living things, and all the tools, concepts, opportunities and risks that go with it. What scares and excites you about synthetic biology? Imagine what the world will be like when masses of digital information can be stored in DNA, when DNA molecules can be physically manipulated into biological tools like paper into origami, when scientists can build organisms like engineers build bridges, when we can produce ‘alien’ life forms on our own planet. Think about what synthetic biology can do to help solve the problems that we face now and may face in the future.


  • $500 for the winning entry in both the written and multimedia competition
  • $250 for the first runner up in both competitions


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  1. Entries must not be more than 1000 words for the written division or longer than 5 minutes for the multimedia division.
  2. Entries must be received by 11.59 pm AEST 5th October 2015.
  3. Entries must be submitted using the entry form above.
  4. Entries must be submitted as pdf, doc, docx, mpg, mp4, flv, mov and wmv. 
  5. Entrants must be current school students in Australia.
  6. The written competition is for individuals only.
  7. The multimedia competition is for teams of 2 to 5 members only. 
  8. Each entrant may submit only one entry.
  9. Entries must be original.
  10. Entries must be written in English.

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Demonstrate research, understanding and imagination.
Your response should consider what kinds of problems we face, both present and in future, that may be solved by current advancements in synthetic biology. You can write a futuristic lab report or a news article, a diary entry, an essay or whatever you like! However, the best entries will be scientifically credible and not devolve into fantasy. This means your entry will include only established science or a logical extension of established science. The best entries will clearly show an understanding of genetics and synthetic biology, as well as engaging with ethical, technological, environmental or social issues that may arise in the future.



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